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Communicate your message to your audience in a better way with an animated or an explainer video

Video is the best way to grab people's attention and get your point across. Animated and explanatory videos have the power to grab audiences' attention because they consistently deliver a personalized message in an interactive and fun way. These videos are not only popular and in demand, but they are also a very profitable and powerful sales and marketing tool for all organizations.

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Animated and explainer videos created to help your reach and attract more clients

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Are you looking for a way to convey a specific message, communicate and convince your audience in a powerful and effortless way? An animated or explanatory video might just be your solution.

Adding an animated or explainer video to your marketing arsenal can act as the equivalent of an online seller, available 24/7, with a perfectly crafted and scripted message, on a tight budget.

So, how do you create a complete and engaging video that leads people who view it to a desired action?

Thanks for asking. That's what we do.

We know what it takes to create an animated or explainer video that tells your story, promotes your brand, and delivers the right message to your audience to take them to the next step.

Our animation and explainer video services are sales driven and offer custom animations and scripts to convince your audience and increase your revenue.

Why would you work with an outside firm if it wasn't to bring your idea to life, the right way?

Our animated and explainer video production services encompass all your needs and are designed to support you from A to Z in the production of video assets that create an impact for your business.


Script Writing

We help you design the perfect script to present your products or services to your audience while promoting your unique value proposition.


Storyboard Creation

We create a static version of your video in order to plan the production and validate the direction taken in order to more effectively deliver the desired result.



Our team creates custom illustrations based on your unique needs and requirements to create visuals that are tailored to your brand.


Editing and Motion Design

De la sélection des prises à l'étalonnage des couleurs, nous nous occupons de réaliser le montage complet de votre vidéo pour qu'elle soit à la hauteur de vos attentes.


Enregistrement de voix-off

Besoin de voix-off afin de mieux raconter votre histoire? Nous nous occupons de la sélection, de l'enregistrement et de la synchronisation pour compléter la narration de votre vidéo.


Motion design

Nous ajoutons du dynamisme aux images, à votre logo ou à la présentation de vos produits ou services afin de mieux capter l'attention de votre public cible.

Prêt à créer du Momentumm pour votre entreprise avec une vidéo animée?

Contactez-nous afin de discuter de votre projet vidéo et il nous fera plaisir de vous assister!


Our process for animated and explainer videos


1. Planning and objectives

What is the reason or purpose of your animated video? Where is it going to be published? Who do you want to reach? We work with you to understand your goals in order to define the key success factors of your video project and to plan the production process to achieve them.

2. Script, scenario and storyboard

After understanding your goals and your audience, we craft the right message and script to achieve and influence them. What will make them react? What fears, frustrations, goals or dreams do we need to address? How to properly demonstrate and illustrate your message?


3. Illustrations and animations

This is where your idea comes to life. Our team take care of creating the illustrations, animations and editing necessary to create a complete and compelling animated video that will resonate with your audience and achieve the desired goal.

4. Publication and promotion

What's a good video if no one sees it? Being a marketing agency, we can help you publish and promote your video on the best platforms to reach your audience, maximize your visibility and your return on investment.


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