What Is a Digital Advertising Campaign?

A digital marketing campaign is any effort that an organisation puts in online marketing intending to capture leads, enhancing brand engagement, increasing website traffic or revenue from sales. Marketing campaigns tie with company goals and may include one or more activities that are conducted in various online channels. There can also be more than one digital marketing campaign happening simultaneously, especially if the company is targeting multiple market segments at the same time.

what is digital advertising

What Is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is the act of creating and delivering any form of promotional content in one or many digital or online channels. It leverages various mediums that include search engines, social media, mobile apps, email, messaging apps, affiliate programs and websites. Marketing analysts estimate that over $350 billion is spent annually in various forms of online promotions. This figure keeps increasing due to the relatively high ROI from this marketing effort.

The mode of working for this type of advertising is different from the traditional method. In traditional methods, businesses usually pay upfront to place an ad on any of the mediums. However, in digital marketing campaigns, companies only pay when the prospect completes a given action on as specified in the ad. The actions may range from viewing the ad to messaging you or clicking a particular link. Here is an example; you may take up a cost-per-click (CPC) advertising at $2.00. It means you will pay $2 for each click on the ad. If working with an agency, you may pay an upfront ad management fee, but the real ads are based on user actions.

The second important feature in advertising campaigns is targeting. When creating your ads, you target a particular buyer persona or geographical region. One of the targeting options is the keywords. This helps your ad align to search terms used to explore similar products. You can target groups according to their interests and online activities, demographics such as age, location, marital status, or people who have bought from you in the past.

Benefits of Online Promotions Compared to Traditional Methods

What are a digital advertising campaign’s advantages over traditional promotions? Here are some of them.

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Website Traffic

Your website plays an essential role in your campaigns. Prospects are sent to the site to get more information about the business and its offers. Digital media is the best way to bring traffic to your site. The reason is that your prospects get a direct link to the site. However, in traditional advertising, users have to type in the company address, as displayed on the ad, which is usually not very convenient.

Conversion Rates

The conversion rate is the percentage of prospects that complete a particular action as recommended on the ad. A high conversion rate means that your advertising campaigns are a success. Digital marketing has higher numbers of users who complete the desired action compared to traditional ads. The reason is that the campaign offers convenience and users can complete tasks in a few clicks.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential prospects and growing their interest in the company products. Once they complete the desired action, the company can go ahead and walk them through the sales funnel. Digital marketing campaigns are better at generating lead partly because of the ease of completing the desired action and they appeal to more customers than the traditional ads. This helps the business reach its goals fast.

Types of Digital Advertising for Your Business Purposes

You may pick one or more digital marketing platforms, depending on your goals. Here are the most popular ones:

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Google Ads (PPC)

Google Ads is a solution by the search engine that allows businesses to bid slots to show their ads next to relevant searches on Google.com. The word PPC means Pay per Click, which means that businesses pay once the user completes a particular action, such as clicking the link. The ads platform has other services that include generating mobile application installs, video campaigns and showcasing products on its listing. Other search engines have similar programs, but Google is the largest.

Social Media Ads (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)

The leading social media platforms allow you to place ads in front of targeted users as they use these platforms. Ads are in the form of sponsored content. You are allowed to determine the demographics of your target audience and set up a daily budget, just like in the case of Google Ads. They also use a similar bidding structure to determine the frequency of the ads. The choice of the platform to advertise depends on the characteristics of your target market.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic advertisement is a type of marketing campaigns that you do using an automatic bidding system that allows for real-time buying and selling of an ad inventory. This ad makes use of an AI algorithm to determine the best ads to be placed on a particular site based on user behaviour on the site. Then, it selects the ads based on their bid amounts. All this does not require human intervention and takes place in milliseconds. Marketers can pick one of the various media buying options for their digital advertising campaign. These media platforms include real-time bidding, private marketplace and preferred deals.

6 Reasons for the Use of Digital Marketing Campaigns

What is a digital marketing campaign’s significant benefits to marketers? Here is a quick look at some of these benefits.

advantages of digital advertising

Easy to Use

It is easy to use digital platforms to promote your goods and services. There are various tools that you can use to set up professional, high ROI ads online and get an effective digital advertising campaign. It also does not take long to plan, design and post an ad on one of the platforms.

Great Way to Kick Start Small Businesses

Small businesses are usually strapped of cash and cannot maintain large budgets for mass media and billboards. However, in this form of promotions, they can spend little and still get results for their efforts. Starting such a campaign is also an excellent way to create awareness for your new business over a wide area without the prohibitive costs that come with mainstream offline media.

Reach the Right Audience

What is a digital advertising campaign without targeting? Targeting allows you to fine-tune your ads and determine the people to see the ads. This ensures that you are only paying to have the ad seen by people who are likely to buy from you. You do not waste money on people who may never get interested in your offering.

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Helps You with the Measurable Results

It is easy to track the performance of your ads against your set goals. There are tens of ad tracking tools and metrics to this end. You can always change your ad to get better performance even as it runs.

Supports Every Ad Budget

You can set up an ad at any budget. This works for businesses that are working on shoestring budgets and still need to market their offers. You can have ads running for a few days to several months, depending on your budget.

Delivers Instant Results

What is a digital marketing campaign’s best strength? Results! Once your ad start running, you can start seeing customer feedback right away. This is the best route to pick when you need speedy results, such as when your sales volumes are plummeting.

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