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Showcase your business in an engaging way with an animated video

Video is the best way to grab people's attention and get your point across. Animated and explainer videos have the power to attract audience attention because they constantly convey a personalized message in an interactive and fun way. These videos are not only popular and in demand, but they are also a very profitable and powerful sales and marketing tool for any organization.


Grab The Attention of Your Target Audience With Motion Design

Take advantage of the most consumed media on the web to better present your business

Are you looking for a way to convey a specific message, communicate and convince your audience in a powerful and effortless way? An animated or explainer video might just be your solution.

Adding an animated or explainer video to your marketing arsenal can act as the equivalent of an online salesperson, available 24/7, with a perfectly crafted and scripted message, within a limited budget.

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A Complete Expertise for Your Animated Video

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We help you design the perfect storyline and script for your animated video to showcase your products or services by showcasing your unique value proposition. 



We then create a storyboard, aiming to validate the illustrations and the direction of your animated video in order to ensure the final result.



Need voice-over to better tell your story? We take care of the selection, recording and synchronization to complete the narration of your video.


Animation & Motion Design

This is when your animated video comes to life. Our team creates all the animations and transitions needed to perfectly sync your message to the images, following your brand tone.


Some of The Animated & Explainer Videos We Produced

 Applauz animated video thumbnail


 Fincap explainer video thumbnail

Fincap Financial Group

 MicroAge animation video thumbnail

MicroAge Canada

 RANQ vidéo animée thumbnail



Our Animated Video Production Process



What is the reason or purpose of your animated video? Where will it be published? Who do you want to join? We work with you to understand your goals to define the key success factors for your video project and plan the production process to achieve them.

Création de script


We start by creating a bespoke script based on the specific purpose and objectives of your animation video. Our goal is to create a script that not only engages, but also conveys your message effectively, leaving a lasting impression on your viewers.


Once the script is approved, we create a storyboard, made up of custom illustrations, which allows you to project yourself into the future looks of your animated video. With attention to detail and a deep understanding of the essence of your brand, we ensure that every scene, every image, captures the essence of your message and captivates your audience.



During the creation of the storyboard, we select for you a diverse and talented group of voiceover artists who perfectly match your specific preferences and requirements. Following your selection, we move on to recording your script with the chosen artist. If necessary, we will make specific adjustments with you to obtain a voice-over perfectly linked to your vision of the narration of your animated video.


Animation & Motion Design

Once the storyboard is approved and recording is complete, your video comes to life as our team meticulously weaves the artwork with the narration. We ensure that every detail of your brand is respected and maintained, creating a smooth and captivating visual experience for your audience.
Lancement et croissance


Being a digital marketing agency, we can help you go further with your video by deploying marketing campaigns across the various relevant digital channels - maximizing your return on investment.



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