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Increase Customer Acquisition with Facebook/Instagram Ads

We create profitable advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads (which includes Meta's wide range of platforms). We optimize and manage your ads on Facebook and Instagram, and optimize every dollar of your investment to get the best possible return.

Maximize Your Return on Investment on Facebook Ads

Benefit from the expertise of a certified agency to fuel your growth

The organic reach of Facebook and Instagram pages having dropped dramatically in recent years, it is now more strategic than ever to deploy an advertising campaign on the Meta Ads platform (formerly Facebook Ads). The Meta platform allows you to take advantage of targeted and strategically efficient advertising on all of its properties, including Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

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A Complete and Certified Facebook Ads Approach

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Tailor-made strategy

From choosing audiences to creating a winning campaign structure, we create a tailor-made strategy and effective campaigns based on your objectives and your budget.

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Ads Structure and Creatives

We take care of creating everything for you, from a winning ads structure to all the required creatives. Leverage a turnkey service to launch your campaigns efficiently.



Thanks to its very advanced targeting possibilities as well as its powerful algorithm, advertising on Facebook represents an extremely relevant and very profitable acquisition channel. Whether it's lead generation, online sales, or increasing a brand's presence, this is the go-to platform for multiple marketing purposes.

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Facebook's little brother offers increased reach within targeted campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Focused on mainly visual content and slightly different formats, it allows you to strategically complete campaigns and offers a second platform to reach your target audience effectively.

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Ongoing management and optimization

Every week, our certified Meta Ads team reviews your campaigns and ads in order to manage budgets, test audiences and new ads in order to always perform better.

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24/7 Dashboard

PDF reports are so 2017. We provide you with a dashboard available 24/7 allowing you to keep an eye on the performance of your investments at any time!

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Our Process for Facebook Ads Campaigns

Planning & Strategy

Planning & Strategy

To be successful, your Facebook Ads campaigns need a solid plan. We start every project with a market analysis that includes audience testing and research to define the right objectives and the right messages to optimize the results of your Facebook Ads campaigns. This allows us to go beyond expectations based on your budget and goals.

Creation & Preparation

Creation & Preparation

We create the right assets for your Facebook Ads campaigns, including landing pages, visual content, and creative copy. We also set the right tracking parameters to measure ad performance. Once everything is validated on your side, we are ready to launch your ads on the right platforms to reach your target audience.

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Campaign Launch

After planning, strategy and ready to launch, it's time to execute. We launch your Facebook Ads campaign according to the strategy we put in place. We make sure the right ad structure and tracking parameters are in place to ensure continuous measurement and improvements.

Analysis & Optimization

Analysis & Optimization

After launch, we closely monitor and measure your campaign performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We then use the data available to us to modify and optimize components of your campaigns such as bids, budgets, ad sets, visuals and continue to find new opportunities for improvement while campaigns are underway. We also analyze everything with you and continue the work in order to constantly improve the results.


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