Website Redesign

MicroAge Canada

Redesign of a national website composed of 30 regional sub-sites for an IT leader in Canada.

About the Project

MicroAge Canada trusted us for the redesign of its national website. Built on WordPress, the website relies on a multisite and multiline setup and is made up of 30 regional subsites for each of its branches. Advanced per-site customization and regional and national data transfer features enable premier presentation and positioning to one of the largest IT entities in the country.

Our Role

Website redesign & SEO

The Challenge

Develop a web architecture allowing the company to present itself adequately at the national level as well as at the regional level, by providing the necessary tools to the sub-sites to personalize their own entities.

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The New Website

Built on WordPress, the site architecture and configuration allows for unique flexibility as each MicroAge Canada is able to fully customize their site while staying within franchise branding guides.


Two-way Communication

Unique features such as posting national blog posts to regional sites and retrieving regional job postings from the national site provide unique online benefits for all group entities.


Regional Customizations

With each MicroAge in the country having a targeted approach, it was important to provide increased flexibility for each sub-site, while respecting national parameters. We were able to accomplish this by creating 100% customizable standards for all sites.

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