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Position Your Business Competitively on Search Engines

Are you looking to increase your visibility, attract more new leads, increase your sales and grow your business? Being certified as a Google Ads agency, our team works for you to maximize your media investments across Google's advertising platform.

Maximize your return on investment with Google Ads

Benefit from the expertise of a certified agency to fuel your growth

Did you know that 65% of people click on a Google ad when looking for information about a product or service online? You don't want to miss this opportunity for your business! We work with you to position your business in front of the right search terms and the right audience, allowing you to acquire more qualified traffic and increase your sales.

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A complete and Certified Google Ads Approach

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PPC research and keyword strategy

Our PPC marketing strategy is a combination of competitive keyword research and tactical bidding. This is how we prevent bounces and increase the CTR of your ads, thereby generating more qualified leads and higher conversion rates for your business.

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Landing Pages Development

Maximize your relevance and performance with landing pages dedicated to your campaign messages and optimized for the conversion of new potential customers.

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Search Ads

At the foundation of the Google Ads platform are search ads. Over time, these have evolved to give more and more possibilities and we take care of maximizing the opportunities of your campaigns by integrating standard, dynamic search campaigns, ad extensions, etc. to maximize your results.

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Display and Video Ads

Display and video ads allow your business to boost their marketing approach on the Google platform by promoting banners on third-party sites as well as videos on Youtube, targeted according to the right audiences and search intentions of your customers - generating increased visibility and results.

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Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max ads allow businesses to capitalize on all Google properties, including search, display, shopping ads, Gmail, and retargeting. They're a powerful combination for the majority of businesses, whether it's lead generation or online sales.

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Ongoing management and optimization

Our certified Google Ads strategists review your campaigns continuously. From budget management to ads and audience testing, our objective is to always improve on the current performance of your Google Ads campaigns. 

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24/7 Performance Dashboard

PDF reports are so 2017. We provide a live, 24/7 performance dashboard to all your clients, allowing you to follow the performance of your investments at all times.


Our Process for Google Ads Campaigns

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Planning & Strategy

To be successful, your Google Ads campaigns need a solid plan. We start every project with a market analysis that includes audience testing and keyword research to define the right goals and messages to optimize your Google Ads campaign results. This allows us to go beyond expectations based on your budget and goals.


Creation & Preparation

We create the right assets for your Google Ads campaigns, including landing pages, visual content, and creative copy. We also set the right tracking parameters to measure ad performance. Once everything is validated on your side, we are ready to launch your ads on the right platforms to reach your target audience.

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Campaign Launch

After planning, strategy and ready to launch, it's time to execute. We launch your Google Ads campaign according to the strategy we put in place. We make sure the right ad structure and tracking parameters are in place to ensure continuous measurement and improvements.

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Analysis & Optimization

After launch, we closely monitor and measure your campaign performance daily, weekly and monthly. We then use the data available to us to modify and optimize components of your campaigns such as bids, budgets, ad sets, visuals and continue to find new opportunities for improvement while campaigns are underway. We also analyze everything with you and continue the work in order to constantly improve the results.


Frequently Asked Questions about Google Ads