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Communicate more effectively with your audience through video

Video is the best way to grab people's attention and get your point across. It allows companies and individuals to have a better connection and better communicate with their target audience. Our video production services focus on results by delivering quality videos, conveying a compelling message to your audience.


Videos Are Now Essential for Businesses

We help you leverage the most consumed media on the web

You already know that video production should be part of your business marketing strategy. But with thousands of videos produced and published every minute, how do you stand out? How do you create the right message for your target audience? How to reach him and influence him positively towards your brand, your products or your services?

We understand what it takes to create a video that is not only of good quality, but reflects your brand, your message and speaks to your target audience, to influence them and to achieve the goals of business you are aiming for.

Video Production
Types of videos

The Different Types of Video We Produce

Video_promo_Juin2023-1 Vidéo corporative Vidéo animée Video Formation_mars2023

Promotional Videos

Promote your product or service in an engaging way. Often created within marketing campaigns, promotional videos can greatly contribute to your sales and maximize your return on investment.


Corporative Videos

Share your values, your vision and the benefits of your products or services to your target audience through strong images. Corporate videos allow you to promote your company, help with recruitment, presentation or awareness.

Vidéo corporative

Animation Videos

Explain the unique value proposition of your business, products or services with a tailored animated video that captures your audience's attention and inspires them to take the next step.

Vidéo animée

Training Videos

Make training easier and more intuitive to digest for your employees, members or customers. Train them and instil in them the culture of your company while optimizing your time and your performance.

Video Formation_mars2023

Some of the Videos We've Produced

 18.Trevor Williams Kids Foundation _  Golf charity event

Trevor Williams Kid's Foundation

Event recap video

 14.40 Accross - Lancement Kickstarter


Kickstarter launch campaign



Explainer video

 16.Sting Security _ Promotional Video (ENG)

Sting Security

Promotional video

 17.BRP - Présentation carriere


Career presentation


A Complete Video Production Service

Vidéo_Script-scénario_v2 Vidéo_StoryBoard_v2 Tournage_v2-1 Montage-1 Video_voix-off_1pic motion_design_v2

Scenario & Script

We help you design the perfect scenario and script to present your products or services to your audience by promoting your unique value proposition.



We create a static version of your video in order to plan its production and validate the direction taken in order to deliver the desired result more effectively.



Our team goes to the filming locations or can receive you in our studio to proceed with the capture of the images that will make your video a reality.



From shot selection to color grading, we take care of the complete editing of your video so that it lives up to your expectations.



Need voice-over to better tell your story? We take care of the selection, recording and synchronization to complete the narration of your video.


Motion design

We add dynamism to the images, your logo or the presentation of your products or services in order to better capture the attention of your target audience.


Our Video Production Process



Pre-production is often crucial to making a quality video. From defining the objectives and the audience to setting up a script, screenplay and/or storyboard, we make sure to cover all the key factors for the success of your video project and to plan the process. of production in order to achieve them.



Following the pre-production, we take care of the production of your video. In the case of a filmed video, this stage includes in particular the filming and all of the recording. In the case of an animated video, it is rather the technicalities of illustration and motion design required to achieve the desired result.



Post-production includes color grading, adding text or specific elements as well as aspects of motion design - not to mention revisions. Depending on the project, all the crucial elements are covered to deliver a video that will exceed your expectations.

Optimisation vidéo


Regardless of the investment required to produce a video, its success depends on its distribution. Being a digital marketing agency, we can help you publish and promote your video on the right channels to maximize the return on investment for your business.



Frequently Asked Questions About Video Production