Case Study
Propulsion Québec x En route!

Complete creation of the En route initiative, from the name to the digital campaigns.

About the Project

En route is a Propulsion Québec initiative aimed at showcasing local businesses and talent in order to contribute to the growth of the electrification and transportation intelligence industry. As part of this mandate, we collaborated with the Propulsion Québec team to define and create the brand image, develop the website, produce video capsules and launch digital marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. in order to contribute to the visibility of the brand and collect registrations for the first 100% virtual event.

Our Role

Branding, web design, marketing strategy, video production, SEO & advertising campaigns

The Challenge

Help Propulsion Québec create an initiative to promote trades in the field of electrification and transportation intelligence. Promotion of the initiative to help Propulsion Québec partners accelerate their recruitment and growth efforts.

The Results

Following the launch of the brand, its new website and a multi-channel promotional campaign; En route experienced an almost immediate effervescence and succeeded in attracting the curiosity of many partners in addition to obtaining more than 1000 registrations for its first event aimed at promoting the future of trades in the electrification and intelligence of transportation in Quebec.

Registration for the first En route event


Subscribers to the initiative's social networks in 3 months


Targeted social media impressions in 6 months
PQ-Marque PQ-Site Web PQ-vidéos PQ-Campagnes


As this is a new brand within Propulsion Québec, we were called upon to find the name of the initiative and create all of its brand image in order to be able to create its online identity and promote the project with Propulsion Quebec.


Website Design

Create on WordPress, we created a website with vibrant color and shape, in connection with its industry and the aspect of movement and evolution that was sought by Propulsion Québec. The site notably offers search functions for the type of jobs and training in the industry.

PQ-Site Web

Video Production

In collaboration with several partners such as Bombardier and Alstom, we have created around twenty informative and educational capsules on careers in the industry. These are intended to educate the target audience on the possibilities offered in the intelligence and electrification of transport.


Digital Advertising Campaigns

Several campaigns were deployed, over a total period of 2 years - to promote the trades, the industry, the partners as well as the events organized by Propulsion Québec: the En route!