Website Redesign
Panthera Motorsports

Complete overhaul of the e-commerce site, focused on gaining visibility and increasing sales.

About the Project

Panthera Motorsports is a supplier of motorcycle parts and accessories. The company trusted us to redesign its transactional website (e-commerce) to help it increase its online sales.

Our Role

Websiste redesign & SEO

The Challenge

Design a website with a unique look allowing the company to better present all of its expertise and its products.

screencapture-pantheramotorsports-2023-07-28-15_05_37 1

The New Website

Created on WordPress, the Panthera website immediately stands out from its competitors and offers a unique experience to its customers by allowing them to choose from more than a hundred parts and product options.


Product Granularity

Thanks to several tailor-made e-commerce modules, Panthera offers exploded engineering plans, linked directly to specific parts. The company is also able to present hundreds of products in a simple and intuitive interface for its customers.


Reseller Map

The website offers the opportunity for Panthera to present its partner suppliers throughout the world, thus allowing its customers to be able to work with a Panthera partner for their needs.

screencapture-pantheramotorsports-2023-07-28-15_05_37 1