Website Redesign


Complete overhaul of the Prévibois site, focusing on access to information about the NPO and its members.

About The Project

Prévibois, an NPO in occupational health and safety, entrusted us with the redesign of its website. Developed on Webflow, the site stands out with a huge amount of resources and training catalogs, access to which is limited depending on the type of member.

Our Role

Website Redesign

The Challenge

Create a fast, user-friendly and easy to manage site for Prévibois - while offering a wealth of advanced functionality to the company and its members.


The New Website

Created on Webflow, the Prévibois website offers access to a huge bank of documents and tools to its members, depending on their level of access. Everything was designed according to the brand and the environment in which Prévibois evolves.


Automated quote requests

Thanks to an e-commerce mechanism, Prévibois members and clients can request quotes for the organization's training and programs easily and efficiently.


Library of tools dedicated to members

The website offers easy and quick access to information, while providing control over the visibility of the various company resources related to the different levels of members at home.